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Our family-owned company takes pride in a high quality product alongside strong family values! As the Owner of Hayward Gourmet, I strive to create a family-orientated business alongside a professional high grade gourmet product.

What makes our product gourmet?  We make our product in small batches and make popcorn daily for our customers.  We use high-end packaging to secure freshness of our product.  All of our recipes are homemade and blended from several ingredients!  That’s how we get our great flavors!

We are incredibly proud of every product we sell, and equally proud that our business has created new jobs.  We support local organizations and community events, in addition to offering our fundraising programs to help a variety of organizations across the country meet their funding goals.

We know that our products don't fall into the "healthy foods" category -- Hayward Gourmet products are "sometimes" foods.  We subscribe to the philosophy that there are no "bad" foods, and that all foods are "good", as long as they're eaten in moderation.

We hope that you enjoy our "sometimes" foods every day, and that you do so in moderation!

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